Skies The Limit is one of the only Pre-Schools in New York to provide live video monitoring over the Internet.







  • We are very particular in our recruiting practices, therefore our instructors are carefully screened and selected based upon the best child development track record. We offer a competitive salary, benefits package and a rewarding work environment, resulting in quality teachers providing quality childcare.

  • Our Director implements numerous programs to ensure employee morale and keep customers satisfaction high.

  • In addition to our staff's formal education, Our Director and assistant Director receive further training through Northern Virginia Community College and social services.

  • All of our staff members are certified in CPR, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens.

  • Since we are a privately owned Pre-School, we don't have to shift through endless red tape to change policies that are no longer effective.

  • Our Director and Assistant Director as well as all lead teachers have college degrees in education.

  • Because we work as a team, our teachers are allowed to be creative and use their education and experience to create an imaginative learning program under Skies The Limit's guidance.