Family child care providers, nannies, and grandparents get sick or go on vacation. School is unexpectedly closed on a snow day. After a move or family leave, parents may be in between child care arrangements. Such breakdowns can temporarily leave parents without child care, which in turn impacts your organization's productivity. The backup care program provides high quality care for children ages 2 1/2 years to 12 years when regular child care arrangements are not available. 

For employers, responding to employees' child care needs is more than an exercise in good will; it is an economic necessity. When regular child care arrangements break down, employers pay the price in terms of lost work hours, lower productivity, and disruption to business routine.

We offer packages that can be used for both employer and individual needs.

For Individuals please contact (703) 392-7890 or email at

For Employers please contact Shawn Lord at (703) 318-6552 or email at

Call today to pre register, so when your child care emergency happens, the backup program will be ready to serve you.

The number of employees who work nonstandard hours is growing, but the availability of nighttime child care is not catching up. To assist Skies The Limit provides extended child care.

The program includes the following:

Monday - Friday Evening Care (6:30PM - Midnight)
On call service for Saturday Night at our Manassas Facility

Monday - Sunday (6:30PM - Midnight) at our Hampton, GA Location

For more information please contact (703) 392-7890 for our Manassas, VA Facility, (770) 210-7290 for our Hampton, GA or email

Are you interested in getting into the Day Care Business?  STL Services can show you how.

STL Services provides:

  • Assistance in understanding state regulations for licensed child care operations
  • Help assist in finding the appropriate amount of financing
  • Create feasibility studies and assist in facility design
  • Research Franchise opportunities
  • Workshops available to help you understand the planning and implementation of a child care center.

Our services are structured and priced to meet your unique needs.

Contact us at (703) 318-6552 or email