Skies The Limit Academy is a premiere day care center and preschool serving Northern Virginia.







Thank you for giving Skies The Limit Academy the opportunity to provide you with information regarding our day care center. When you visit Skies The Limit Academy you will see that our preschool has been designed to provide a warm and caring atmosphere for your child and will foster an environment rich in experience, learning, and play.

Our program focuses on your child's individual needs and on his/her social, emotional,physical, and intellectual development. What makes our program unique is that we will be using a combination of theory created curriculum by respected people, such as: Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, and Jon Bronfenbrenner. Our curriculum will continue to change and adapt to the individual needs of the children that we care for. Our end product: To teach your child new concepts and skills in a way that your child can experience and participate in a pleasurable learning experience.

Our job does not stop there. Childhood experiences form the foundation of what we
are, how we form relationships, and how we view ourselves as individuals. Our
programs will help provide the necessary core skills to help your child develop and
cultivate their potential.

Skies The Limit Academy is a team of individuals that care about each other and the
children in our care. We have a job with great responsibility and we take pride in our
work and will strive to be the best in our field.

Fatiha M. Lord
Skies The Limit Academy